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Controls: WASD or Arrow Keys
Camera Zoom: Mouse wheel

Project Lead: Trish Stone
Students: Sijie Liu, Yixing Wang, Hainan Xiong

Qi Learning Academy students made a game on the Unity platform to simulate strategies to address the spread of COVID-19. Notably, we started the project in January of 2020 before the impact of the virus was widely understood, due to the interests of the students, who are from Wuhan, and were aware of the crisis unfolding. We called the project Anti-Plague to frame it as a critical response to the popular game Plague, the goal of which was to spread a virus worldwide. Our project is based on scientific data and simulates the effectiveness of social distancing, stay at home orders, and mask wearing at varying populations and timeframes. Our interdisciplinary undergraduate research team continues work on the project, and has submitted a paper for journal review with the guidance of Leanne Chukoskie who led the QI Learning Academy. 
Note: This simulation has not been validated with real-world data and therefore should not be used in making health-related decisions

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AuthorPoNG Center
GenreSimulation, Educational, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, covid, Visualization